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Get the ultimate experience & results. 

Our MasterFacial features unlimited add-ons!

Skin treatmenTs

Book a complimentary consultation to see which options best suit your current skin care situation and long-term goals. All treatments come with cleansing, serum if applicable, moisturizer and SPF. Facials additionally include exfoliation, facial massage and mask. Each service and all home care advice are tailored to you every visit. Contact me with any questions or for appointment.

Signature Facial all skin types . . . $120 or 

$50 off with a package of 5 & get 10% off any skin care purchase

chem peel chemical exfoliation using acids . . . 

$60 first layer, $25 per add'l layer

$40 first layer, $25 per add'l layer tandem

tama microcurrent electromagnetic waves re-educate facial and neck muscles for optimal toning and contouring . . . $125 or $105 tandem or $100 per with package of 12

REZENERATE deep infusion of skin-loving ingredients using nano technology . . . $85 or $65 tandem

LED therapy red and blue lights alleviate symptoms of acne and/or aging . . . $40 or $25 tandem

ice rolling frozen gel & water pass over skin to relieve irritation . . . with facial only, included in price

HIGH FREQUENCY ozone sanitizes skin post extractions . . . with facial only, included in price

ULTRASONIC pulsating waves move skin care

deeper or remove impurities from skin . . . with facial only, included in price

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